Thank you for viewing my photographs, I hope you have enjoyed them.

My name is Isaac Shaoul.

Photography has been my ultimate activity for many years.

With photography I can break reality down to its smallest components – and recompose it in a way that reflects my perspective and shares it with others.

The camera lens allows me to experience life, explore sights, see and refine details that are unnoticeable without the camera’s frame and focus.

As a passionate photographer, photography for me is a golden triangle combining my love of travel to find new sights, technology and a way of expressing my art.

By training I am a Chemical Engineer (M.Sc.) and MBA with more than 20 years experience in chemical and high tech companies/startups.

Photography is my way of relaxing from the intensity of the daily grind, leading me on an ever evolving journey.

If you would like to share your impressions, I would love to hear them.


Photography Exhibitions and Publications

  • 2015: Edut Mekomit & Worldpress exhibition 2015 – Curator’s Choice. Ertz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.

  • 2015:  StreetArt Photography Exhibition – Jaffa Port Gallery, Tel Aviv.

  • 2015:  מגזין עיתונאי עצמאי בנושאים חברתיים,המקום הכי חם בגיהנום,  “Asylum seekers in TLV – Small Family” – Documentary project publication.


  • 2015: “Conflict” Exhibition – Tel-Aviv University

  • 2014: “Lights” Exhibition at Givatayim Theatre.

  • 2014: “Urbanica” Exhibition in Hakir Gallery, Tel-Aviv

  • 2013: Revista de arte e Criatividade Zupi (Brazilian Art and Design Magazine #34, April 2013)

  • 2013: The Annual Book of the Best Photographs of BLACK AND White STREET.COM

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams

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